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Anubhavv Arora has been elected as Convenor - study Circle of Delhi State of BJP.
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This is Anubhavv Arora welcoming you to the website that has been put together primarily to ensure that my views and my passion for the nation are not lost in the mindless and pointless cacophony that surrounds us today. The other objective behind setting up this website is to invite your views, opinions and feedback so that I am not oblivious to the perspective of the people I aspire to represent someday, if and when I am capable enough.

To begin with, let me assert that I am just a common man with my own ideas and opinions, like every other Indian. The only thing that is special about me is my passion and intense desire to contribute to the development and prosperity of the nation and its people.

A.B. Vajpayi
Former Prime Minister of India & Veteran Indian Statesman
L.K. Advani
Former Dy. Prime Minister & Chairman, BJP Parliamentary Board
Narendra Modi
Prime MInister
Arun Jaitley
FInance & Defence Minister
Rajnath Singh
Home Minister
Shushma Swaraj
Minister of External Affiars
Nitin Gadkari
Road & Transport MInister
Harsh Vardhan
Health Minister
Amit Shah
President BJP
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President, BJYM
Satish Uphadaye
Delhi President
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Delhi President